Some information about the Clochfaen Estate Fishing

Wye Catchment

The Clochfaen Wye fishing may be booked through the Wye and Usk Foundation, who administer fishing permits on behalf of the owners.
Please go to their website at

Open: All year: grayling fishing from October 1st to March 2nd.
Species: trout, grayling, the occasional late season salmon.
Foliage factor: mostly clear with much of the water fishable from the bank.
Ideally fished with: 7.5 to 8.5, 3 to 6wt rod.
Restrictions: fly fishing only, no barbed hooks, and no dogs.
Anglers to move upstream only when fishing.
Catch and release of all species is compulsory.

The Upper Clochfaen Beat

Wading difficulty: 1

The Upper Clochfaen Beat extends upstream from Llangurig Bridge for approximately 3.7kms. Much of this stretch is easy wading and very open with little to snag your back cast. Park in the public car park at Llangurig and walk to the river from there. 

The Lower Clochfaen Beat

Wading difficulty: 1-3

The lower beat comprises some 3kms of double and single bank fishing, and is itself split into two sections. Parts of the lower section of this beat flow over bedrock, so the wading here can be tricky, but the pocket water makes for some interesting fishing.

Llangurig Bridge marks the divide of the two Clochfaen Beats. Continue south over the bridge following the road until you come to the first starting point (0.8miles from the bridge), parking anywhere on the verge without blocking any third party access. To reach the downstream section, keep following the road south until you come to Dernol (approximately 3.5 miles from Llangurig Bridge), parking in a small lay-by on your right just before a cottage.

Severn Catchment

Details of the reciprocal arrangements with the Llanidloes and District Angling Association (including fishing on the River Severn) can be provided on request.